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Dulcerias Pinkis is a supplier of 100% original products from Mexico, covering the complete range of items from household cleaners to party accessories and sweets, including tamarindo candy.

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Are you ready to go to a Mexican store and try a few special sweets? Then we recommend adding tamarindo candy to your list of purchases. This is one of the most popular types of sweets, one that captures the versatile spirit of Mexico.

This Mexican candy with tamarindo has a chewy texture, almost like chewing gum. Its taste is sweet and sour, and some connoisseurs also identify spicy and tangy notes. Tamarindo candy is usually coated with sugar, but you can also find the extra spicy version with chili powder.

The History of Tamarindo Candy

Tamarindo is a hardwood tree native to Asia, Africa, Mexico, and various other parts of South America. To make the Mexican candy with tamarindo, the pods of the tree have to be harvested at full maturity. These pods are filled with a fibrous pulp, used to create the chewy candy. Occasionally, tamarindo candy may also contain traces of the seeds found inside the pod.

While not an old-school traditional candy in Mexico, tamarindo candy became extremely popular when people discovered its many tastes. From a mild sweet and sour taste to an explosion of hot chili powder, Mexican candy with tamarindo manages to satisfy all the tastes.

We Offer You Original Mexican Candy with Tamarindo

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