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Dulcerias Pinkis specializes in the distribution of 100% original and authentic Mexican products, including sweets, Mexican accessories and apparel for people and your pets.

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When you walk into a Mexican candy store, you will find many other authentic traditional products, such as Mexican apparel and accessories. From the well-known sombreros and ponchos to brightly-colored traditional costumes for dancing, you can be certain that all the products you want to buy are of 100% proven origin.

Women and girls can choose a simple huipil (a traditional Mexican sleeveless tunic worn with a skirt) and a rebozo shawl, or try a folklore dress with complex designs and beautifully assorted colors. For men and boys, the most popular type of Mexican apparel is the charro suit.

You can also find Mexican accessories and apparel for pets, ideal for a thematic group photo with the entire family, including the fur babies.

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Dulceria Pinkis is a family owned business dedicated to promoting original Mexican traditions. Order your favorite Mexican products online or visit our stores where you can find Mexican accessories and apparel in:

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