Enjoy the Beloved Taste of Mexican Coconut Candy

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Dulcerias Pinkis brings the taste of Mexico all over the US territory and offers you a wide variety of original products, apparel, accessories, and sweets, including the popular Mexican coconut candy.

Popular all over Latin America, coconut candy is a staple in any Mexican store. The original recipe for Mexican coconut candy was invented in the 1800s and consisted of two simple ingredients - grated coconut and sugar. Over the years, very small changes were made to the original recipe. Apart from refining the flavor, Mexican coconut candy is now available in a wide range of colors. Once you take a bite of modern brands, you rediscover the taste you know and love from childhood.

100% Original Mexican Coconut Candy at Dulcerias Pinkis

Mexican coconut candy is an ever-present dessert at family parties and other celebrations. Whenever you want a simple sweet with a soft texture, coconut candy is any Mexican’s number one choice. 

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