What Kinds of Mexican Snacks Are Available?

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Traditional Mexican snacks are available at Dulcerias Pinkis in a variety of styles and flavors. Orders can be made online, or in-store in Brownsville, McAllen, Corpus Christi, and Houston TX.

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Most people think of potato chips and chocolate bars if they want a snack, but traditional Mexican snacks are not quite the same as those in the US. Like in the US, items like chips, bars, cookies, and soft drinks are available in Mexico, but they have their own unique twist. Often found in a Mexican candy store, popular Mexican snacks offer a fusion of flavors without overpowering the traditional tastes.

Types of Mexican Snack Food

Here are the most common traditional sweet and sour snacks enjoyed in Mexico. 

  • Mexican Chips

Potato chips in Mexico are made much like those found in the US, with one major exception, flavor. Chips in Mexico are often flavored with nacho cheese, lime, habanero, jalapeño, and chipotle. Just the right balance of salty and spicy. These are often found as part of a meal or party snacks.

  • Mexican Nuts

Nuts in Mexican tradition are equally as crucial as potato chips and come in just as many different salty, spicy, or sweet flavors. Many varieties of nuts can be spun in various flavors from companies like Sabritas and Barcel.

  • Mexican Cookies

Two of the most popular types of Mexican cookies are churros and a shortbread cookie that is referred to as Mexican wedding cake. These types of Mexican snacks are synonymous with parties and anniversaries.

  • Mexican Drinks

Most Mexican soft drinks come in fruit flavors and are served in glass bottles. Popular brands include Jarritos, Tepachito, Sidral Mundet, and Chaparritas. 

All of these and much more are available at Dulcerias Pinkis! 

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