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Get your share of Dulce de Leche candy, desserts, and other goodies from Dulcerias Pinkis, and explore the real happiness. Caramel lovers, hurry and grab your candy today!

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Are you a fan of caramel? Dulce de Leche is a richer, more eccentric variety of caramel flavor you must try at least once. Unlike caramel, the process of creating these candies is much more complicated. It is slowly heated at a very low temperature, which creates a delicious reaction between the sugar and the milk. The sweetened milk is reduced until about 1/6 of the initial amount, and this is where the rich and creamy flavor of this Mexican candy comes from. 

It takes hours to make it and seconds to consume because Dulce de Leche treats are so irresistible. The Dulce de Leche candy bars come in a variety of crumbly, sweet, and sticky texture. There’s a great variety of Dulce de Leche desserts, ice creams, and cookies to choose from.

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Dulce de Leche is an extremely popular treat in South and Central America. It's high time you get a taste of this caramelized milk candy in a variety of flavors available at Dulcerias Pinkis. 

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