Take the Dare: Enjoy the Most Unexpected Liquid Candy Flavors

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Dulcerias Pinkis is a supplier of 100% authentic products of Mexico, ranging from everyday products to party supplies, traditional costumes, and a wide variety of sweets, including liquid candy.

Next time you walk into your favorite Mexican store, treat yourself to one of the most daring types of sweets: liquid candy. You will easily identify this variety by their bright color and original shape of the packaging.

Liquid lollipop candy is fun to try with friends, discovering a unique and rich variety of flavors. Fruity, sour, tangy of spicy, liquid candy is always surprising and refreshing for your palate. For the most adventurous experience, you must definitely try the tamarindo variety.

Enjoy Liquid Lollipop Candy Wherever You Go

The Mexican people have a very well-developed sweet tooth with a twist towards exotic tastes. And they want to enjoy their favorite sweets everywhere, even while taking a quick break from work or during a journey. This is why spray and liquid candy came into existence.

They are easy to squeeze out of a tube or drop dispenser, which usually has unexpected shapes, such as toothpaste tube, grenade, stick, or rollerball pen. During the summer, you can also choose the frozen variety of liquid lollipop candy, which will give you extra refreshment.

Try All the Varieties of Liquid Candy!

Dulcerias Pinkis is a trusted supplier of 100% authentic Mexican products. You will find a large variety of liquid candy brands and flavors, as well as other traditional sweets made in Mexico. We are waiting for you in our stores located in:

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