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Dulcerias Pinkis brings you 100% authentic Mexican products, from traditional sweets and costumes to everyday household goods and spices, including chili powder to cook Mexican food at home.

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When you are ready to try a new taste, go to your local Mexican store and buy some chili powder. Once you start adding it to your favorite dishes, you never go back. Mexican chili powder is both hot and aromatic. Add just a pinch, and you will discover the savory of red chili, dried and grounded into a fine powder that preserves the full taste. Or be daring and use the chili powder in more creative ways. How about a little sprinkle on your avocado toast? The possibilities are endless here: you can also try enjoying sweets the Mexican way by mixing the sweet-sour taste of tamarind candy with a touch of hot chili powder.

The Role of Chili Powder in Mexican Cuisine

Mexican food is known worldwide for its rich taste and many flavors. This variety comes from the complex cultural background of the Mexican people, with roots both in Europe and indigenous Aztec tribes. Each culture brought its own influence, including a wide variety of herbs and spices to the table.

Ideal for sauces or steak, Mexican chili powder will make your food extra hot and yummy. Just like other dried groceries, you should store it in a cool and dry place in a tightly sealed container. This way, you will be able to enjoy the full taste of the chili powder until the last pinch.

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Dulcerias Pinkis offers you only 100% authentic products from Mexico. You can be certain that the chili powder you find in our stores is the real thing and will give your homemade Mexican dishes the taste you know and love.

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