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Dulcerias Pinkis is a supplier of authentic products of Mexico that offers a wide range of items, from basic household goods to sweets, party supplies, and Mexican toys for children of all ages.

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Are you shopping for party supplies for your child’s birthday? In this case, you are also looking for a special gift. Lucky for you, we have an entire collection of Mexican toys for you to explore. You will certainly find something that your son or daughter will love. Traditional Mexican toys are available for children of all ages with different likes and interests.

Actually, Mexico is the third biggest producer of toys in the world. The most popular Mexican toys for sale available in stores worldwide are crafted from wood with skill and care and then painted in vibrant colors. But this is just one part of our offering.

Discover the Most Popular Traditional Mexican Toys

Mexican toys and games have a very long history, some of them dating from pre-Colombian times. The best-known product of Mexico for kids all over the globe is, of course, the piñata. Shaped as an animal and filled with candy, it is a top attraction at kids’ birthday parties. Blindfolded children attempt to hit and break it with bats and then collect the goods inside. 

Other Mexican toys in great demand are:

  • Balero: known as cup-and-ball in other parts of the world, this simple game of dexterity has its origins in the 16th century Mexico
  • Trompo and pirinola: these traditional Mexican toys work in a manner similar to a spinning top 
  • Board games, especially Loteria (Lottery).

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