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Dulcerias Pinkis is a family-operated business dedicated to creating joy through nourishing and delicious products from Mexico, including Mexican cookies.

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If you are looking for original Mexican snacks, then you must definitely try our best-selling cookies. No two Mexican cookies are the same – from marshmallow rainbow cookies to simple chocolate chips, they are perfect to snack on or have in special events. 

Made with specific ingredients giving them unique tastes and textures, Mexican cookie brands offer something for everyone. At Dulcerias Pinkis, you will definitely find that perfect sweet you can’t wait to munch on.

So Many Cookies to Choose From!

We take pride in delivering a wide assortment of exquisite Mexican snack cookies from renowned brands like Gamesa, Marinela, and other large manufacturers. 

Chocolate chip, marshmallow, shortbread, strawberry, lime, cinnamon, coconut… Our cookies come in an unlimited variety of flavors, sizes, shapes, and colors. Whatever option you choose to indulge in, these delicious treats are an irresistible addition to any feast. Whether you’re hosting a party or just need a snack to accompany your morning cup of coffee, Mexican cookies will bring you back to childhood. Just one bite, and you’ll be craving more!  

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At Dulcerias Pinkis, you will find only authentic Mexican cookies from the most popular brands. We have stores in:

  • Brownsville
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Too far from you? No problem, you can order your favorite Mexican snack cookies by phone and we will ship them all over the US. Get in touch at 956-621-4220!