Valentine’s Day Is More Than Just a Celebration

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Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with love and care with Dulcerias Pinkis. Equipping you with Valentine’s Day candy baskets, we will ensure you celebrate the day to its fullest.

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Mexicans have always been passionate about festivals and celebrations, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Also known as El Día del Amor y la Amistad (which translates to The Day of Love and Friendship), the day is celebrated with grand festivities. For the perfect Valentine’s celebration, you’ll need some of the best party supplies and Valentine’s Day candy.

Best Valentine’s Day Party Supplies Are Here

Valentine’s Day in Mexico is not just about your spouse and partner, but it’s a day for all your loved ones like friends and family. Even if you spend the day on a romantic getaway, you can gift all your loved ones with some special Valentine’s Day candies as a gesture of love. And you can find a large selection of Valentine’s Day candy and sweets all in one place at Dulcerias Pinkis.

Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts & Other Sweet Treats at Dulcerias Pinkis

Many of the candies we offer can be just the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your friends and family. From hard candies and candy sticks to fruity and chewy sweets, we have everything on board. All the sweets we offer are from popular brands and loved by people.

You can also order the Valentine’s Gift Tortillera, which contains beautifully packed roses, a soft teddy bear, tortillera, and 26 candies. It’s the complete gift package for your special someone! Are you hosting a party on Valentine’s? Once again, we have you covered with our range of Valentine’s Day party supplies, balloons, and decorations.

With four stores in Texas, Dulcerias Pinkis delivers the best Mexican candies all over the country. Our stores are located in:

  • Brownsville
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  • Corpus Christi
  • Houston

Sweeten your Valentine’s Day with mouth-watering Valentine’s Day candy baskets for the best prices at Dulcerias Pinkis!