Discover All Mexican Flavors in a Candy Box

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Dulcerias Pinkis offers a wide selection of the best Mexican candy box, from sweet and fruity flavored to salty and spicy, to suit every taste.

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Dulcerias Pinkis’s Mexican candy variety is so large, that the only way to sample it is by choosing a candy box. This is the best way to experience the sweets with fruity or chocolate tastes, as well as the unique flavors of tamarind, chamoy, and sweet, salty, and spicy snacks.

Every Mexican candy box is a careful selection of the most popular sweets and is guaranteed to contain products 100% made in Mexico. Among the most popular types of sweets you will find in a candy variety pack, we mention:

  • Pulparindo – made with tamarind and chili, with its recognizable hot and spicy taste
  • Vero Mango – preserving the sweet taste of the fruit
  • Mazapan  – combining a sweet taste with salt and peanuts 
  • Traditional sugar candy skulls (Calaveras de azúcar).

What Kind of Variety Can I Find in the Candy Box for Sale?

A Mexican candy box contains a rich variety of not only flavors but also textures. You will find both soft and hard candy, biscuits, chocolates, chewing gum, snacks, and more! The Mexican candy variety even includes dried fruit, such as salted plums and apricots!

You can always find your favorite Mexican candy box at Dulcerias Pinkis. We offer 100% authentic Mexican products 100% at the best prices in our stores located in:

  • Brownsville
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  • Houston
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